We traveled along both sides of the Jordan River and visited cities in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The Sea of Galilee, Magdala, Capernaum, Jericao, Amman, Petra and Jerusalem were just a few of our stops. We looked at historic peoples in the region and examined the historic religious and political claims on land on both sides of the Jordan River.
This was our journey.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Last Full Day (Saturday, January 22nd, 2011)

Our last full day on the trip, we visited Sebastya, the site of the beheading of John the Baptist. We had a great lunch next to the old Roman forum there. We then drove to Taybeh, a town 100% Christian some 15 miles north east of Jerusalem. The name of the town means, good (people). During the time of the Muslim leader, Saladin, many Muslims nearby were ill. The Christians cared for them and so Saladin called them "good people." The town now boasts the only brewery in Palestine. We had a good visit and were provided with samples!

Back to Notre-Dame Center for dinner in Al-Rozana in Bethlehem. Some are off into the new city/Jewish Jerusalem. Free time tomorrow before heading to the airport and back home!

This group has been wonderful! First, they have been obedient, in the best sense of the word! No problems. It has been a pleasure having them. They have questions, concern, and compassion for the people of the Holy Land - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Israelis, Palestinians, Samaritans, Bedouins, and strangers. Notre-Dame Center has been so pleased with the group, they had a special cake baked for us this evening with "THANK YOU" written on it. You should all be proud of your children and students!

For my part, I will remain at Bethlehem University doing some work in preparation for a Christian-Muslim conference at the University in a couple of weeks.

Pray for peace in Jerusalem!!

Brother Donald
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